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RFID Technology

HF Frecuency

The tags and cards with the frequency HF (13.56 MHz) have the attribute of being able to store a larger amount of data (up to 10Kb considering the current market supply, although there is already evidence with tags of 64 and 128Kb) but have a reading range of10 cm and can only be read by a card or tag at a time.

Reading Frecuency

13.56 Mhz

Typical reading range

<15 cm

Typical memory of the tags

1Kb a 10Kb

Typical applications

  • Loyalty programs
  • Personnel authentication
  • Money transactions

Readers and antennas for PC (USB)


Fixed readers and antennas (ceiling and walls)


Handheld portable readers

Yes (CF-II port; SD slot)

Tags for metal          


International standards

ISO14443 a/b ; ISO 15693 NFC

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