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NX-id RFID Business Solutions

Inventory Control

Currently, our Inventory Control Solutions are focused on:

  • Warehouse and store management
  • Assembly lines
  • Supply chain control
  • Distribution management

We have developed and customized solutions for each client for the following applications:

  • Incoming and outgoing product identification for warehouses, factories and distribution centers.
  • Tracking in production lines and storage.
  • Integration capacity to MRPs, CRMs and ERPs, BSCs, etc.
  • Writing ability Time-stamping in tags for tracking, quality control and JIT systems.
  • Tag Reading up to 6m distance.
  • We follow EPC norms and standards.

Basic Modules

  • Assignment / recognition of Items.
  • Processes management (tracking in production lines, warehouses and distribution).
  • Incoming and outgoing product control.
  • Time tracking by location / reading point.
  • Total time along production lines and reading points.
  • Alarms for excess product immobility in checkpoints.

Benefits and Advantages of Our Solution for Inventory Control:

  • Modular application integration capabilities with production management systems, inventory control, suppliers and distribution systems. We seek to reduce implementation costs by developing integration systems “join venture” with personnel or our suppliers.
  • Standards development according to the international industry norms. (EPC)
  • Implementation of standard tags (labels) without protocols or proprietary keys.
  • Availability of antennas for different types of environments.
  • Low cost of implementation and maintenance.
  • Customized screens to read / write tags, reports and consulting.
  • Ability to export data to Excel, Access and Word documents.

Benefits and Advantages for Inventory Control with NX-id Solution:

  • Consultancy for optimal use of tags.
  • Implementation of system modules for access and internal use via Internet or Intranets.
  • Availability of service policies and extended technical support.
  • Reduction of operative costs by decreases, time product tracking, classification and cataloguing, visual identification or bar code.
    (RFID vs. reading bar code is 80% lower*)

* When reading with handhelds.

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