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NX-id RFID Business Solutions

Access Control

Access Control is the ability to allow or deny the use of a particular resource to an entity in particular. The mechanisms for access control can be used to take care of physical, logical or digital security.

Security Access Control: the greater permission to a user / system, the more possibilities to manipulate the resource.

NX-id's Business Solutions already developed and ready to be customized for each customer are:

  • Access control of employees, visitors, VIP's .
  • Human Resources management.
  • Available redundancy through fingerprint and PIN.
  • Integration to CCTV systems.
  • System administration and control through IP access.
  • One-server-only - a single server manages the whole system running on different locations no matter how much distance is between them.
  • Low cost of implementation and support.
  • Customized reports according to client needs.

Add-on: Tracking Module

  • Quantification and location of people (generates maps per floor / location according to people’s flow, detected by long range antennas - users won't need to read their cards to be detected) .
  • Control of Internal Employee Benefits - Electronic tickets and employee benefits administration, the most frequently used is for the control of the subsidized cafeterias.
  • Administration for parking spaces.

Benefits and Advantages of Our Solution for Access Control

  • Low cost of implementation by not requiring a local server per location.
  • Low cost of maintenance (applies per client and their specific needs, personalized applications).
  • Ability to develop customized reports according to the needs of each client.
  • Flexibility in the type of cards and readers to use.
  • Ability to detect the flow of people and movement without the necessity of stopping their actual activities. Ideal for developing contingency plans, evacuation and daily logistics.
  • Modular implementation with growth capacity according to the needs and specifications of each end user.
  • Activation and deactivation of cards from a central module.
  • Management of alarms, parameters and access remotely via Internet.
  • Integration unique vehicle control system. The labels (tags) for vehicles can be detectable within 3 m, accelerating the flow without the need to make a “full stop”. (Managing application properties are manageable for each user).
  • Ability to integrate security systems with video cameras and finger print.
  • Discreet readers and easy to install.


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