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NX-id Services

RFID Consultancy

NX-id supports in-house development though RFID advisory and consulting services on the following areas:

  • Applications and systems design as stand-alone solutions or as single modules to be integrated to existing systems.
  • Consulting services to document and design RFID-based systems.
  • Consulting services to implement and address change management phases (operative level).
  • Support in defining RFID equipment and tags, frequencies and protocols according to the application's needs.
  • Whitepapers, blue-prints, and training to design and develop RFID applications.
  • Access to industry's documentation and best-practices.
  • Technical advisory to locate and install antennas and readers.
  • Identification of physical, electromagnetic and electromechanical restrictions for the installation of equipment and tags.
  • Custom driver (APIs development for easy integration onto development code.
  • Integration of RFID equipment onto other technologies (Bar codes, GPS, GPRS).
  • Financial analysis and ROI calculation.